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New York Style Pizza

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family owned

First you have a mommy and daddy who love each other very much, then...

Hopefully you know where a family comes from. The truth is, it can be a lot of things theses days(including our family). We got Celeste, who likes to be called "Kathy" and Michael who married her. We have Bill who calls Kathy "Ma", but every one calls her "Ma", including Jamie, who soon will have a little boy calling her "Ma". Oh, and she's married to Bill. Then you add some locals like a Nikki and a Nick, and a girl from North Dakota. Then you add some half Mexican wine geek from somewhere...you get the picture!

The Truth is, our family will always be growing because we treat everyone that walks through the door like family.

New York Style Pizza with a little less attitude

Unless you get Jamie, but she's pregnant, and the sass is charming. As far as the pizza goes...the Crust, the sauce, and the ability to fold your slice is reminiscent of the 'Five Burroughs'.  You want a burger, our burgers are real good(ground chuck and sirloin, never frozen). You want Eggplant parm, we can't cut the little suckers fast enough, it's so good! We're even pretty good at improv.  When everyone else is eating a pie, and you want a B.L.T., and It ain't on the menu,  we got you.

Cocktails Like you get in New York City, but without the New York Price

Our mixes are fresh! With ingredients like lemongrass, lime leaves, egg whites, tree bark and zest flying everywhere, we can get you what you didn't even know you wanted. You don't like the hard stuff, we got wine too. You wanna pair a wine with a pizza topped with pineapple & Canadian bacon? Try our  off-dry Washington reisling 'Kung-Fu Girl'. We have wine for to go with everything. We try to steer away from artificial flavors or nothing like that. So it may not be what your used to, but it's real! And it's good! 

P.S. we care, so drink like a grown-up!





Mon:                  2:00pm - 10:00pm

Tue - Thu: 11:00am-10:00pm

Fir - Sat: 11:00am-11:00pm

Sun:                   10:00am - 9:00pm


2061 Swanson Avenue 

Lake Havasu City, Az 86403


Oh, and the vacant lot across from us is for you guys!



A wise man walked into the bar, and after eating and drinking he proffessed: "This may be the classiest joint in town". Thanks wise man, whoever you are. - P.S. you left your fanny pack at the bar.



the classiest joint in town!
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"Friendliest service in town!"



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Or if you're from around here, we love all our "Orchids"!


If you order

Ma's 'New York style' Cheesecake

don't ask for sauce or anything! It's a thing   new york thing. we will bring it out in an unmarked container, but eat fast!

- ma's only hot button issue!

Don't push our buttons!!

(Actually, go right ahead)

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Our Bar is full Service

& our

Cocktails are the Craftiest!